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Migraine patients should be extra careful in summer

Experts who say that one in every 5 women and one in every 10 men in Turkey suffer from migraine said that if left untreated, migraine can seriously harm a person's quality of life.

Migraine patients should be extra careful in summer

Experts who state that migraine is a special type of headache that occurs as a result of a series of chemical changes in the brain said, “The pain usually starts on one side of the head, is severe, throbbing, lasts for at least 4 hours and is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light, sound, smell, and touch. This disease is among the top 10 diseases that disrupt the quality of life of people in our country and the world and cause victimization. One in ten children and adolescents and one in five of our youth have migraine-related headache problems in our country. In people with a genetic predisposition, some triggers lead to the secretion of brain chemicals that cause migraine attacks. Hormones, hunger, stress, sleep disorders, various foods, insufficient water consumption, climate changes, unsuitable environmental conditions in terms of light-sound-odor are some of these triggers,” they said. Expert physicians who stated that migraine treatment will not be successful unless it includes interventions targeting the chemicals in the brain

in the emergency intervention list
said, “Migraine is a disease that can be treated by raising the patient’s consciousness, adjusting their lifestyle, and applying medication or non-drug interventions. Unscientific practices such as leeching, cupping, and homeopathy have no proven contribution. Migraine is a health problem that must definitely be treated; because according to the World Health Organization report, chronic migraine is among the top 10 diseases on the emergency intervention list. It has been reported that one in four patients has a quality of life deterioration of over 90 percent. More than 65 percent of patients reported that they have problems at their workplaces due to migraine attacks. 40 million dollars are spent annually in the USA and 50 million dollars in Europe for such patients. In the UK, approximately 100,000 people a day cannot go to school or work,” he said.

Extra caution in the summer months
Experts who give advice to patients suffering from migraine pain in these days when the weather is getting hotter said, “We recommend that patients suffering from migraine pain wear hats, sunglasses and not walk when the sun is high in the summer months. In addition, exercising at home, drinking plenty of water, reducing the amount of coffee, and maintaining a daily routine as much as possible will alleviate their pain. It should not be forgotten that stress can trigger migraine, but migraine is not a type of pain defined as psychological in essence.”

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